ReverbNation 30,000+ Fans on January 1, 2013

Thank-You for checking the WordPress blog to notice that at the start of 2013 we are already on our way to the top 100 on ReverbNation and it is just a matter of time before getting to the global top 100 chart which means Ziplok is 1 of the top 100 promoted bands on the whole site ReverbNation in any Genre. With only 3,700 fans to begin 2012 with that shows a +26,000 fan year for Ziplok and an amazing jump from the end of 2011 in December to 2012 in December with 30,000 Fans on the page. So far this year things are looking good and we are approaching the 31,000 fan mark. Getting to 50,000 Fans is the goal we need to reach this year to make it deep into the top 100 chart somewhere and to the top 10 of hip hop which currently Ziplok is ranked at #11 in the United States in Hip Hop.reverbnation_logo_dark_normal


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